ITO designs and manufactures high quality DC motor products to meet the demands of a range of industries and general applications. Such as automotive, home appliance, power tool, office automation, and so on.


Micro DC Motors

·Encoder possible
·Internal capacitors or varister
·Voltage and speed adjustment by winding change
·Modification of shaft length
·Modification of shaft configuration (flat, hole, knurling, rear shaft etc.)
·Assembly of gears, vibrators, pulley, etc.
·Ball bearing available.
·Low-cogging torque design.
PMDC Motors

·Ball bearing or sintered bearing available.
·Ceramic magnet.
·Copper-Graphite brushes .
·Encoder, planetary gearbox available
·5,7,8,9,12 slots armature.
Brushless DC Motors

·Economical brushless DC motors with or without integrated drive electronics.
·Designed for durability in commercial and industrial speed and torque control applications.
·Hall effect sensor commutation .
·Drive electronics protection, including reverse voltage
·Thermal protection.
Stepper Motors

·Nema 08 to Nema 43.
·Driver is available.
·Modification of shaft configuration (thread, special longer shaft, dual shaft, etc.)
·Encoder possible.
·High IP class is avaliable.
Gear Motors

·Spur gears or Planet gears.
·Gears made by hobbing machine or powder  metallurgy.
·Special gears (Helical gears, bevel gears, etc)


































 ITO MOTOR is a professional motor manufacturer. It locates in Ningbo city, and covers an area of 3,000 M2 with manufacturing capacity up to 2 million pieces per month.ITO pays great attention to quality assurance and product certification. The production strictly according to ISO9001, and it have passed CE, ROHS certification.


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